Noncommercial photography is permitted and encouraged on the site grounds and in most exhibits. We invite you to take photos for personal use and to share pictures of your visit online. Filmmakers interested in shooting footage at Fort Stanton, please contact Tim Roberts, Deputy Director for State Historic Sites at 575-653-4025. Join us on Facebook.


There is currently no on-site restaurant at Fort Stanton but there are plans to open a Canteen and Snack Shop on the premises by Summer of 2019. However, there are small grocery stores and local eateries in nearby Lincoln County towns. Pack a picnic. We have picnic tables. Catering is also available for private groups and food vendors for site events, call 575-354-0341 for information.

Visiting with Children.

The Fort Stanton Historic Site is a great place for families with children. Our exhibitions and educational programs for school groups are all created with the visitor experience in mind and our 240 acre site offers plenty of room to roam and play. Kids love our living history events with kid-friendly activities and fun for the whole family.

Guided Tours and Special Events.

Fort Stanton comes alive during our guided tours and special events which highlight certain displays within our permanent exhibition. To learn about Fort Stanton and regional history in greater depth, pick up complimentary information at the Museum desk or browse the extensive collection of books and custom merchandise available for purchase online and in our gift shop.

Bureau of Land Management Partnership.

Fort Stanton has partnered with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which oversees thousands of acres surrounding Fort Stanton. Visitors are invited to enjoy the nearly 100 miles of trails for biking, hiking and horseback riding with a camping area operated by BLM. The BLM operates an extensive caving program, including studies of the Fort Stanton Cave and Snowy River Conservation Area, but the caves are not currently open to the public.

Green Initiatives.

We go the extra mile through our green efforts, recycling plastic and metal beverage containers, cans, other plastic containers, corrugated cardboard, and paper. We try to purchase eco-friendly products and advocate for reuse and repurposing of materials by our staff and our visitors.